“Anywhere, Anytime, at Any Cost.” ~ Jerome Nicolosi

Our Mission 

Implementing the resources and gifting that God has provided in being servants to the Nationals, Tribal Groups, and Missionaries; helping them to develop successful, self propagating churches among the peoples of Peru.

       We began working in Peru with a heart for the un-contacted tribal groups. We discovered that it was becoming impossible to work first-hand as a foreigner with these groups due to governmental regulations. We found that tribal churches have the only long-term access to these types of ministries.

    Our vision to reach these people has not changed. The method has changed. There are many tribes who have a bible, but no church. Some tribes have churches, but no way to send missionaries. Our desire is to see churches developed and help them to grow and fulfill the Great Commission by sending missionaries from their own midst to the nomadic un-contacted tribes.

    God provided 160 acres in the jungle where we are developing a base for the completion of the vision that He has given us.


Among tribal groups


Recruiting missionaries to focus on individual tribes and providing logistical support such as supply buying and shipping, base housing, and technical support

•Assisting current missionaries in the tribes by helping to develop basic technologies such as clean water, waste management, and good hygiene for their tribal groups

•Aiding in Biblical training and practical learning such as economics and literacy

•Devising an income plan to enable the church to support themselves and their missionaries such as fish-farming, cash-crops, or handicrafts

Among Nationals


•Assisting Local churches in promoting missions

•Leading Bible studies

•Giving practical skills training and developing micro-businesses for those in poverty

•Teaching integrity and business ethics to those in business

•Teaching English

•Providing a Camp/Retreat ministry for both local churches and stateside churches

      oWe will provide an “extreme camp” (ie. Climbing/Rappel wall, Zip line, Skate ramp, Archery range, Paintball, BMX Track, Field Sports, Canoeing, Horse-back Riding, Swimming).

      oThis will be onsite training for “churched” youth to learn how to be involved in evangelization. We want to put them to work as counselors and leaders for local un-evangelized youth, here under our and the local church leadership’s guidance and supervision. The idea is to train young leaders here and send them back out into their communities to reach their own, and give them a vision for how they can be effective missionaries where they live.

Among Missionaries


•Recruiting, housing, and technically supporting missionaries to reach the un-contacted by developing tribal churches in accessible tribal groups, and training and preparing them for un-contacted tribal work

•Developing and teaching personal safety plans and self-defense courses for missionaries

•Running a workshop to repair missionary’s cars, motorcycles, or boats

•Developing innovative technologies and equipping missionaries with tools such as solar kits, manual well pumps, survival back packs, and protective equipment geared towards those living in remote areas

•Assisting local missions in technical aid, such as construction, communications, and maintenance

•Providing a woodshop, to aid in furniture and home building/renovation

Developing the property so that it can be used as a retreat center and recreation getaway for missionaries                                                                               

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E. Equipping
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R. Recreational
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